Wednesday, November 7, 2012

December Daily 2011 Video - Episode 42

Here is a video overview of my 2011 December Daily Album. The inspiration for this album came from Ali Edwards. Here is a link to her blog posts about Ali's December Daily process. The majority of the paper and stickers are from Fancy Pants Saint Nick collection.

This was my first attempt at a December Daily album, and I learned a lot about the process! My goal was to have it completed by mid January, and I succeeded. The key to finishing was my motto, "done is better than perfect." I just wanted to keep up with each day as it came. Since I don't have a photo printer at home, I had to get my photos developed once a week. I kept track of what happened each day in my calendar.

I did a lot of planning and preparation before the first of December. This was good in that I had ideas of specific pages I wanted to include. The down side was that since I pre-made pages, it was sometimes hard to fit the daily picture or story with the page.

For 2012, I will probably do a smaller album. I felt like there was a lot of blank space on my pages. I'm not sure. I will definitely plan specific pages, but I will not glue things down until I have pictures and stories ready to go.

I plan to do more journaling!!!


Jennifer said...

Ok Ms. Renee!! You totally inspired me to do a December Daily for this year!!! :) I have been on the fence for a while because I wasn't sure I would have much to take pictures of! But I like that you added poems and letters to your family. :) You made it seem so simple! Good job!!


Linda said...

What a fabulous project! Now you and your family will have documented memories of your Christmases. Love the way your did your pages and that you gave yourself permission to not stress out trying to be perfect.

I think you should bring it to the swarm and show it off to all of us!

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